Are you pondering over the thought? What we do for Start-ups…

Xsis Technologies understands the challenges which are faced by the entrepreneurs and we help them in achieving their dreams by offering them with effective and profitable resources through exceptional tie-up programs. We form a team with start-ups and help them to wipe-out the barriers of success and enabling the start-ups to target the ideas of transforming into the outstanding enterprises.



Our super experienced mentor team has set a benchmark in mentoring the innovative start-ups and helping them to create great success stories.

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Market Support

Xsis Technologies helps the start-ups in connecting them with the enterprise partners and counselling them to be successful with go-to-market strategies.

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Our Company partners with the upcoming start-ups and provide them with the capital investment and allows portfolio companies to leverage our investor network.

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Facts and figures

No. of startup apps made
50K +
Hours of efforts
500K +
1M +
Startup funds raised

Wondering how we do it?

Every one of us has at least one idea of creating next big thing. What makes up start up founders different from others in the market as they take action to make their idea into a reality? The biggest part of execution is simply activating the ideas, but once you have got the ball rolling it is helpful to prepare a checklist of steps to follow to make sure that everything is in order.


Market Research

Execution of market research is the first step when you have the idea worth pursuing. Start your research by jotting down the problem that your business idea would be fixing up. Get the track of the market competition and figure out if you are different (in a good way) from rest of others to battle them.

Write a business plan

After doing market research, get yourself set for writing a good business plan. Using the points from market research, create your plan and decide what should be accomplished with new business. Determine goals and milestones that needs to be achieved and also the steps to make it those milestones.

Find a Mentor

Mentorship is a sensitive matter to think on. Firstly any start-up should decide of determining of having a mentor, if you find any good mentor who can make a huge difference to your brand by combining their past expertise and also the deep industry insight to navigate some challenges that can come your way.

Raise Capital

There are many such start-ups who require next level of financial investment in making up their own organization. If you need to raise the capital for your business you should begin by deciding how much money is required and how this capital will affect the start-up.

“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s