Cancellation Policy


Xsis Technologies nurtures belief in helping its clients up to the extent of possibility, and has thusly a liberal Cancellation Policy approach. Under this strategy:


1. Cancellations will be viewed as if the solicitation is made in 12 hours right after the order is being placed. On the other hand, request for cancellation won’t be paid heed if the requests have been conveyed to the sellers/traders/execution group and they have started the methodology of delivery/dealing with them.


2. Cancellation policy is not active for the orders placed under same delivery sort.


3. Cancellations are not to be entertained for those items/benefits that the Xsis Technologies advertising group has acquired on exceptional events/occasions/offers like Month end offers, rebate advancements, Diwali, Halloweens, Christmas, New year and so on. These are constrained event/occasions offers/plan and in this manner retractions are not conceivable.


4. Cancellation policy is not active for the orders placed under same delivery sort.


5. Cash once paid won’t be returned back regardless of the fact that the withdrawal request is set in 12 hours. The cash might be balanced against a future request in three months.


6. Any lack in providing services due to any outsider like any third party facilitator, server, pictures, and substance composing i.e. content writing and so on, Xsis Technologies will not be considered with liabilities whatsoever. Any exertions Xsis Technologies has to put while arranging them must be paid according to the standard rate of the organization.


7. If you find any of offered services are not fitting into your requirement, do the request placement within 24 hours of reception, and Xsis Technologies customer support service team will take the best care of it within the given span of time.


Discount Policy –


1. As, Xsis Technologies does not nurture any refund policy, if you, in any case, find yourself not happy with our services, you have to bring this into the notice of Xsis Technologies customer support team within 24 hours of products or services reception. Our customer support team will examine the entire matter and help you pass through the issue causing no hassle.


2. Xsis Technologies is engaged with such business i.e. SEO, whose nature itself cannot guarantee ranking/traffic and higher sales. We have made a smooth payment policy. If you are satisfied with our products or services, you will go for the next month payment, but first ensuring we have delivered you satisfactory services till now.